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AGI Marketing: A Google Partner Company

AGI Marketing is a Google Partner Company dedicated to helping businesses of all shapes and sizes utilize the internet to market their business.

As a company that is partnered with Google, our expertise involves getting your company to rank and advertise on Google using techniques, programs, and knowledge learned from certifications provided by Google.

What Does it Mean to be a Google Partner Company?

The Google Partners program invites digital marketing and advertising professionals who utilize or want to utilize the Google AdWords program to promote their business. Anyone is free to join the program, but there are a series of steps one must take in order to become certified. Because we are official, we’re able to offer you benefits that you might not be able to get by working with another company who isn’t Google certified. These benefits include:

  • A genuine, thorough understanding of how Google search engines, AdWords, and advertising on Google works
  • Staying on top of the latest trends and updates in the industry, so your business can stay on top as well
  • Learning about all the products and programs Google offers and using them to your business’s advantage
  • Receiving support from Google, so you can succeed
  • Always having the ability to contact Google through our dedicated rep – should an issue or question about your business’s Google advertising strategy should arise
  • Continuous learning via training, presentations, videos and more and applying this knowledge to your business’s advertising strategies
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How Did We Become Partners?

In order to become official, we must earn badges, routinely pass certifications, and meet numerous requirements. Some of these requirements include:

  • Creating an accurate company profile
  • Becoming certified in Adwords basics, campaigns, Google Analytics, and more programs
  • Spending a minimum amount on our campaigns in Adwords
  • Continuously growing our customer base and performing well in Adwords

What is Adwords?

Adwords is the program that allows companies and marketing agencies to create advertising campaigns to be displayed across Google’s network. These advertisements include the ones that appear above search results (Search ads), before YouTube Videos (YouTube ads), and ones you might see on the side or bottom of a web page (Display ads). It’s a great tool to use to leverage the internet for your business. Most people learn about new companies, shop, and search for places to eat online by searching through Google. AGI Marketing can utilize Adwords to help get your business found online. This way, you can grow your customer base, earn more revenue, and expand your business by making it easy for anyone with a smartphone to find your business online.

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