Meet the Client

Vive Med Spa

The Impact on their Business

Since signing on with AGI, Vive has been able to achieve their key objectives. They are even more client focused and are determined to make sure their online strategy not only improves their bottom line, but also the customer journey.

239% Increase in Web Traffic

Vive now receives 300+ appointments, sales, calls or contact form submissions each month. A 500% increase!

8000% Increase in Contacts Made on Social Media


Vive Rejuvenation Old Website


Vive Med Spa Website
Vive Med Spa Logo

As one of the top Medical Spas in Calgary – Vive Med Spa provides world class skin and body rejuvenation services to men and women throughout the city. Some of their top services include Injectables, CoolSculpting, Skin Rejuvenation and Microneedling.

What makes Vive unique? In addition to being an all women staff of family physicians, nurses, and clinicians, Vive takes the time to get to know their patients and personalize their experience and plan. Incorporating clinical photography, education, and a team approach to provide their best outcomes, they want each client to always know what to expect and why.

Vive cares about each and every one of their clients, and wanted a marketing partner that cared about them just as much.
Vive Med Spa

The Challenge

Vive Med Spa was looking to increase new leads and patients into their new location in Aspen Landing. They had noticed a drop in website traffic over the last year, and wanted a marketing partner who not only helped manage their online strategies, but also worked with them to implement new ones, brainstorm and track lead generation. Vive decided to reach out to AGI after being referred from another business in Calgary.

The Strategy

With Vive’s new location, it was very important to make sure they were found and looked great when people were searching near them. We decided a local SEO strategy along with a review strategy was extremely important. In addition to this, a PPC campaign and a social media campaign were set up to increase the initial lead generation.


We started by learning as much about their business and competition as possible. A successful SEO strategy needs to start with understanding the clients goals, and what Google is currently preferring within their industry.

Pay Per Click & Social

The PPC campaign was built and tracked. Reviews started coming in and the social strategy was put in place and managed by both AGI and Vive, which was extremely helpful and beneficial to work together.

Vive provides so much content – photos, reviews, videos! They are truly a great client to work with.

Web Development

After about a year of working with AGI, Vive decided to add on more social management as well as build a new website to become more conversion optimized, increase their online lead count and provide a better experience for their users.