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How Online Marketing Can Benefit Law Firms

Being a lawyer means you work in one of the most competitive industries out there. No matter the industry you are in, be it personal injury, criminal, employment, or immigration law, you want your services to come out at the top of the Google search results page so that when someone searches for “legal help,” your law firm is the first one they will see.

AGI Marketing in El Paso has helped numerous law firms better their online marketing strategy so they could reach more clients and stay on top in a highly competitive industry.

How Can We Help You?

We can help your firm in numerous ways. We essentially leverage the internet to your advantage. No one looks up law firms to call in a phone book anymore. Most people pull out their cell phones and do a quick internet search. If your services don’t come up, chances are, they’re going to find another attorney. So how do we get you to rank in the top results?

We do this by utilizing organic SEO and paid advertising to spread the word about your business throughout the internet. We also use tools and platforms such as keyword generators, social media platforms, and more, so potential clients can access your business across the web.

  • Organic Rankings and SEO-When you complete a search on Google, you will see a few things come up. First, there will be a few ads relevant to what you are searching for, and below that will be Google Maps results, again matching the keywords you use. And below all that will be just normal search results, ones that appear there naturally and not because those spots were paid for. These are known as organic rankings. Companies rank high on the page by using Search Engine Optimization, which relies on a combination of keyword use, quality website content, blogs, social media, coding, and web development to secure a spot high on Google search results. People rarely go to the second page of Google, so you want your firm to come out on the first page, preferably within the first couple of results. We can help you get there.


  • Paid Advertising- Paid advertising is another important tool to utilize to market your business online. We can create paid advertising campaigns using Adwords, the Google advertising system. These ads can appear before organic search results, before YouTube videos, and on websites relevant to what your firm does. These ads help build awareness of your firm and services, keep your firm on the minds of potential clients, and convince clients to call in their times of need.

Nothing But Success at AGI Marketing

We’ve helped numerous law firms in El Paso and beyond successfully utilize online marketing, including the Law Office of Cynthia R. Lopez, who has seen incredible growth since being able to rank at the top of the Google results page. We can help you get there as well. Call us today to learn more about our services!

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