Warning Realness Ahead

Let’s dive straight into it. If you want to GROW, you need SEO.

Everyone is online, everyone
is searching for something...

This presents an opportunity for you,
for your business.

An opportunity to influence
consumer decisions and

An opportunity to be found
when your desired customer
is searching for YOU.

The Truth
The Truth

With billions of searches being conducted
each day on sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing,
you want to ensure your business
comes out on top.

People searching for your services want immediate results.
So much so that 75% of people won’t scroll past the first page.

That’s 75% of people who go to your
competitors and 75% of people whose
business you lose out on.

Your customers are searching
for you, don’t you want to make it
easy to be found.

And just as people want immediate results,
they want immediate access to those results...
at their fingertips.

How much time DAILY do you spend on a computer - a desktop or laptop?
How much time do you spend on your phone?
How much time do your kids spend on their phones?
Or your wife?
Or your husband?

It's probably more time than we wish...

Including for ourselves. But you, as a business owner...
can take advantage of this

Mobile users turn to their phone to learn, do, find, or buy something instantly!
They’re looking for things such as:

  • best tacos near me
  • v-day outfits
  • how to get rid of carpet stains
  • top things to do in los angeles
  • 24/7 plumber
  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Digital Ads
  • Video marketing

Every touch point impacts the Customer Buying Experience!

The more times a customer comes across your brand, the more chances you
have to convince the customer to visit your store or shop your services or products.

If you’re not already creating these touchpoints, not to worry.
You still have the opportunity to be found by potential customers.

The Reality Is
People Do Research
Before They Buy

82% of smartphone users consult their
phones on purchases they are about to
make in-store and 45% read reviews before making a purchase.

-The Robo Economy

Smartphone users consult their phones on purchases.
What if

You're in an industry where people don't research - such as an:
HVAC company, or emergency roof repair?

Then it is EVEN MORE important
to be on the top of page one.

Most people will probably see the top rankers in the maps listing, and choose who they call based on the review
count and star rating they have.

Which Brings Us To, Our Next Little Secret…
Every Day

The fact is— your customers are talking.

They’re tweeting about your product, commenting on your blog, and reviewing you
on Google and Facebook.

The goal is to make sure they’re saying good things. One bad review can bring down your average substantially.

Now, here’s the part you’re
going to love… $$$

SEO, Searches, Reviews, and
Mobile Strategies are all part of
the digital paradigm.

Meaning they’re all attainable
and cost effective!

Unlike Traditional Marketing, digital marketing
measures your return on investment.

With traditional marketing, customers will still
Google you before they call or visit
your store.

The first place they will turn to is that powerful little search bar.

Whether they’re searching on Google, Yahoo, or
Bing- it is imperative for your website to show up on
the first page of the search results.

Don’t have a website?
Let’s Get Real

If you want your business to grow and stand
out from your competition, you need a website
ASAP, let us repeat that…


But not just any website, a professional one - a
responsive, lead-capturing, sales-increasing,
Search Engine Optimized website.

Again with the SEO?
Yup! Let those three little letters
sink in.

SEO is your primary source of website traffic.
It produces organic results and authentic visitors.

AKA Leads

The better optimized your site is for SEO, the more visible your website becomes.
Which in turn means, increased visitors and engagement for your business.

The Perks!

SEO is relatively cheap and a long term strategy.
Plus, it aids customer trust and credibility.

Maybe you know you need SEO - and you want to hit that longer term strategy, but
you also want more business NOW.

Alright, deal! We’ve got you on that too!

From who visits your site,
to specific locations
and even which terms people
are searching for!

And not only is it more immediate, but you can control it.

With digital advertising, you’re not just throwing a
net hoping to catch a fish.

You are reaching people who are actively searching for your services.

You decide who
    sees your ads.

You are in control & the opportunities
are endless.

Not sure how to advertise digitally?
Let’s circle back to the search bar.

Have you ever
Googled something like

“air conditioning company” or “roof repair”

and had ads appear at the top of the page, right
before maps and other results?


These ads are a newer, innovative way of advertising
your products and services directly to your customers.

These are called search ads, or
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads.

Pay-per-click advertising works by taking you to the top of search engine page
and earning you higher qualified visitors to your site than you might get
organically. The beauty is- you only pay when your ad gets clicked on.

Essentially, you pay for results!

It's time to up your Advertising Game

We’re not saying you shouldn’t have billboards, radio ads, TV ads - maybe even an ad in a magazine.
But WE ARE saying. You can’t stop there.

Just as SEO, online review management and search ads are essential to
expand your reach and bring in more customers so are:

  • Display Ads
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Social Media Ads
  • YouTube Ads

When It Comes to Digital - You Are in Control

Regardless of the type of digital advertising you use, you can be as specific as you want.

  1. Target users by their
    Location, Age, Interest,
    and Online Behavior.
  2. Choose the dates and
    times you'd like your
    ads displayed.
  3. Most importantly,
    communicate more
  4. Alter your ad text any time
    you want and relay your
    message at any given time.

What if you could spend more time with your family?
What if you had more time your business?
What if your business could be found with a touch
of a button?

We focus on your marketing solutions so
that you can focus on what you love.

We are OBSESSED with your growth,
and making you the absolute
best business you can be.

Whether you just launched your ribbon cutting party or have been running your
business for over 20 years. We tailor our services to each industry and each client.

Digital Marketing has taken over, and frankly, if you’re not taking
advantage of it... you probably won’t be in business much longer.

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