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Online Marketing Services for Small Businesses

“Small businesses are the backbone of the economy.” Surely, as a business owner, you’ve heard this phrase before, whether it’s been at conferences or on classic TV shows like How I Met Your Mother.

This is because, well, it’s true. Small businesses accomplish a lot in our world, no matter how small they are. That is why AGI Marketing in El Paso is dedicated to helping small businesses of all shapes and sizes utilize the internet to promote their products and services.

What Our Services Can Do For You

  • Reach More Customers via Adwords
  • Utilize Social Media to Create a More Personal Relationship with Customers
  • Create a Beautiful User-Friendly and Mobile-Friendly Website
  • Help Your Business Rank with SEO
  • Keep Your Directories in Check

Why Should You Use Online Marketing?

If you’re not using online marketing in some form, your company is already behind. Gone are the days of phonebooks, cold calls, and other outdated forms of marketing, and here to stay is the internet. Most people find products and services they need by searching for relevant keywords on Google. They complete searches on their computers, smartphones, and tablets. So if your business isn’t coming up in these relevant searches, you could be losing out on valuable business.

Why Choose AGI Marketing?

AGI Marketing has helped numerous businesses over the years in all kinds of industries. From healthcare professionals and lawyers to private investigators and pumping services, we’ve seen it all. One of our clients, Sarabia’s Portable Jons and Blue Sanitation, has seen tremendous growth since signing on with us.

“Because of AGI’s input on the digital end and optimization of search engines, there has been a noticeable increase in our web traffic which in turn has impacted our business very favorably.”
-Sarabias Portable Jons

Our team of writers, SEO specialists, web developers, and graphic designers can ensure your business succeeds. Call us today to learn more!

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