Festive SEO: 3 Ways Your Business Can Leverage The Holidays

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The months of October, November, and December represent a holiday hotspot in the U.S, with the nation’s biggest festivities happening towards the end of the year. Halloween. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most celebrated holidays in the states, with millions of kids and adults taking part. 

While many people feel like the best part of the year is around the corner, it can also be a huge opportunity for your business to secure more revenue and interest. With the right SEO and ad placement, the holiday season can be extremely giving to your business.

In this article, we’ll briefly touch on SEO strategies that can boost your business during the holiday season! 

Planning, Planning, Planning 

During the holidays, consumers are actively looking for promotions, and other companies are flooding the media with them. The best way to bring in new customers is to introduce engaging, effective promotions for products that people will want to buy. 

However, throwing ads up on Christmas Day is definitely not gonna cut it.

If possible, plan your promotions months in advance. Figure out the prices you’d like to sell your products and services at, and run ads well before the holiday you’re targeting. That way, your ads can get more engagement and reach more customers before the holidays. At AGI, we use a detailed content calendar to ensure your promotions go up at the optimal time for every event. 

Looking Out For Hot Products To Offer

If there’s a new product in your field that everyone is raving about, you should look into stocking that product for yourself as well. 

The consumer interest tides are changing by the second, driven by new technologies and social media exposure. If you aren’t up to date on what consumers want, you’ll likely lose out this holiday season. 

Ensuring Site Optimization

The holiday season sees increased site traffic for many industries, but many companies aren’t prepared for the increase. As a result, their site is slow, they run out of products, and their checkout times are abysmal. 

In this age of drastically improving load times, consumers simply won’t wait around for a site to load. Make sure your site is ready for the increase in traffic, and try streamlining your checkout process for a better user experience. 

Trust AGI With Your Holiday SEO

All of the tips in this article may seem like a lot of work on top of running a business, which is why AGI Marketing will do all of this for your business and more! 

As El Paso’s leading marketing company, we’ve had years of experience with all of the city’s various industries and can make sure your business is ready to conquer the holidays. Contact us today for a free audit! 

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