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What Exactly is Online Reputation Management?

The term “online reputation management” means various things to different people. Some believe ORM is simply monitoring social media accounts, others think reputation management is a public relations concern, and others don’t really care because they don’t see how it could impact sales anyway.

Unfortunately, these perspectives couldn’t be less accurate. In today’s business and media landscape, companies of every size and industry can benefit from comprehensive online reputation management.

Essentially, online reputation management means taking control of the conversation about your company online. The goal of ORM is to maintain balance, counteract negativity, and build a positive standing online. While this includes managing activity on social media, it also means ensuring that your company has a positive reputation on directories and community sites. For example, it’s important to build a wealth of positive reviews on websites like Google, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, Bing, Yellowbook, etc. As consumers, we rely heavily on others’ opinions of a product or service. When potential customers search your company, they should see positive ratings and comments from your previous clients.

Why is Online Reputation Management Important?

Now more than ever, people have plenty of options for products and services. That being said, many businesses miss out on customers because they have bad reviews online, or they are nowhere to be found when a prospective customer uses a search engine. It’s imperative that businesses have a prominent and positive reputation online.

As the majority of us now use smartphones, it’s become increasingly common for people to search for a company directly on their mobile device. With a strong ORM strategy in place, an excellent Google review will be displayed when consumers search on Google Maps. Potential customers can immediately see your high rating and get directions to your location with one click! This is incredibly valuable in a culture that is always on the go, and especially in a community with so much to offer.

Reviews are especially important for local searches.

They influence your ranking.


94% of consumers would use a business with a 4 out of 5 Star Rating


90% will not purchase from a company with multiple bad reviews


86% of consumers read online reviews before making purchasing decisions

How Can I Manage What People Say About my Company?

The fact is that your customers are talking. They’re tweeting about your product, commenting on your blog, and reviewing you on Facebook. The goal is to make sure they’re saying good things. One bad review can bring down your average substantially. It’s important to not only address negative comments with helpful and transparent responses, but to balance them out with excellent reviews from satisfied customers. When it comes to your business online, not having any reviews is very detrimental. Ideally, your business should be present in many places online, and it should look good in all of those places.

AGI manages your company’s online reputation by reaching out to previous customers and adding positive reviews to Google and other platforms. We ensure that any and every negative comment is met with kindness and professionalism, and we confirm accurate information about your business on all major online directories. We also manage your social media profiles and blog in addition to your website. We specialize in search engine optimization, and all of our clients benefit from the best possible online marketing practices. As a Google Partner, we understand the importance of a high-quality online reputation and how it can skyrocket business. Contact us today to find out more about your company’s online potential.

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