Recruitment Marketing

Help your company reach its full potential by acquiring a team of hard-working and motivated employees.

What Is Recruitment Marketing, and Why Is it Important?

Recruitment Marketing is the business process of utilizing strategies and tactics used to attract and engage potential employees. With recruitment marketing, you are essentially selling your business to potential employees, showcasing why they should choose to work for you.

Today, a family of four can receive up to $85,000 annually by signing up for all of the government benefits offered to them, all without working a single day. This means that offering a competitive salary and benefits simply isn’t enough to attract motivated employees anymore. We can help you properly market yourself and your business to not only attract potential candidates but qualified, motivated candidates who can help your company grow. So, if you are looking to recruit hard-working, quality employees, recruitment marketing from AGI can help. 

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How Does Recruitment Marketing Work?

Attracting the right employees requires effective brand-building. Your online presence must effectively show the advantages of working for your business outweigh those of other companies a candidate is considering. If you differentiate yourself from other businesses and show the many perks you offer to your employees, a candidate will see an opportunity for a rewarding and enjoyable work life, not just a paycheck.

You must start with a job post that gets results

Millennial and Generation X candidates are much more interested in how a job position contributes to the overall success of the company. Knowing they will have an impact and help the company grow will make them more inclined to apply.
It is important to include the day-to-day responsibilities of the role, as well as what an average day might look like for the potential employee. This helps the potential applicant envision what working for your company might look like.

Your website is your brand.

Most candidates will vet you and your company before reaching out by looking at your website and/or social media platforms before choosing to apply. Your website must sell your brand, which in turn must sell the opportunities that you offer to a new employee. 

  • What does your website say about your brand?
  • What does your website say about your employees?
  • What does your website say about your commitment to your team?
  • Does your website connect with candidates on a personal level?


Social media.

Social media has a huge impact on today’s world, both in our professional and personal lives. Which social media platforms your company utilizes (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), as well as how they’re utilized, will greatly influence a candidate’s impression of your business. 


Your online reviews give job seekers valuable insight into how you run your company. Depending on the nature of your reviews, this can be a good or bad thing. Most candidates will read through your reviews before interviewing with you, so it is important to ensure that your reviews positively reflect your business and show potential employees that you value your customers and the quality of your services.

How AGI Can Help Expand Your Business Today

At AGI Marketing, we understand how imperative skilled and motivated employees are to the growth and success of your business. That is why we are here to help you navigate the recruitment process and help generate an innovative team you can count on. Our recruitment marketing services include:

Running a successful company can be challenging. That’s why having a team you can count on and that prioritizes the growth and success of your business is essential. Let us help expand your business while you manage it. AGI Marketing is here to help you attract and engage potential employees. Call us today at 1-888-269-5449 to learn more about our recruitment marketing services!

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