Meet the Client


The Impact on their Business

Since signing on with AGI, CRRC has been able to achieve their key objectives. They not only rank at the top of Google and have their reviews looking great, they are also continuing to increase their client base, and the quality of their clients, even after 8 years. They no longer run YP ads, Yelp ads or direct mail campaigns - all of their business comes from Google.

274% Increase in Web Traffic

3950% Increase in Calls From Google My Business

Receive an average of 15 client calls per week during tax season, and about 5 client calls per week on the off season. In 2021, over the course of 3 months they were able to add 70 new clients.


CRRC Old Home Page


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Clifford, Ross, Raudenbush and Cooper offers tax, accounting and finance services to El Paso and Las Cruces. With over 40 years of experience, they have been a leader in the Certified Public Accountant space now for years.

El Paso City
They pride themselves in providing cutting edge, efficient, & personable financial accounting services and they offer help to not only individuals, but also businesses throughout the El Paso region. They care about each client and only want what is best for them.

The Challenge

In 2013, CRRC barely had an internet presence. They ran ads on Yelp and on the Yellowpages, and ran direct mail campaigns, but there was no return on their investment, most of their business was coming from word of mouth. When they reached out to AGI, they wanted a new strategy, and someone who was easy to work with, who dealt with requests efficiently. They had no reviews online and wanted to increase their new client count, not only during tax season, but also on the off season as well. They knew that focusing on a digital strategy was the way to go.

The Strategy

It was important to not only get CRRC ranking better on Google, but also show off how well they were reviewed by their client base. We decided on a local SEO strategy for El Paso and Las Cruces with a focus also on their online reviews.

We started by learning as much as possible about their business, goals and competition.

SEO & Reviews

After performing keyword research, we decided on proper site structure and content strategy. CRRC was extremely easy to work with during the implementation, always responding back to any requests quickly, and therefore their strategy was able to launch fast. Their review campaign also saw success quickly.


After a couple years of working with AGI, and seeing the success of their SEO, Google made it clear that mobile sites were going to become more important. CRRC decided to build a new website to become more conversion optimized, increase their online lead count and provide a better experience for their users not only on desktop but also on mobile.