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Ken’s Parkhill Roofing

The Impact on their Business

Ken’s Parkhill Roofing’s new website has helped them be able to better track and manage incoming leads and contacts from their website.

Increased Review Rating From 4.0 to 4.6

85 Increase in Organic Website Traffic

Ken’s Parkhill Roofing Logo

Ken’s Parkhill Roofing is a family owned and operated business and their story begins in the 1950s.  

They offer residential and commercial roofing services to the Euclid, OH area, outside of Cleveland. They are one of the top roofing contractors in the area and offer great financing and discounts to their customers, always trying to work with any situation someone may be in.


Ken’s Parkhill Roofing Old Website


Ken’s Parkhill Roofing New Website

The Challenge

When Victoria Winterberg came on board with AGI, she had previously worked with a different marketing company. We were supposed to perform SEO to her existing website. However, after attempting to gain access, the previous marketing company would not comply.

Also, she was not a fan of the pink statements and wanted something that was more professional. 

After concluding that we would never gain access, we decided to create a brand new website for Victoria Winterberg. We incorporated the relevant information and had the brand new website launched just 60 days later.

The Strategy

Website Development

A new, modern, Google friendly site was developed. CTAs throughout the site were implemented to better collect customer information. Information that made them stand out apart from their competitors was brought to the forefront, and each of their services was made very clear for possible customers.


New content was written and an SEO strategy was planned out. They are now tracking leads coming in from their website, and are averaging about 50+ per month.


A review strategy was also put into place to generate more positive reviews on Google. We wanted to increase their review count as well as the overall score.

Ken’s Parkhill Roofing
Ken’s Parkhill Roofing