Meet the Client

Latinx Talk Therapy

The Impact on their Business

Latinx Talk Therapy has been a client since 2020. Their campaign has immensely improved their traffic and appointments at the clinic, so much so that they have needed to hire multiple new therapists.

797% Increase in Organic Website Traffic

834% Increase in Calls Last Year Directly From Google Maps

380% Increase in Contacts Made Through Their Website

Latinx Talk Therapy Logo

Latinx Talk Therapy is a cognitive behavioral therapy clinic located in Chicago, run by Ernestina Perez. She came to AGI as a one woman run therapy clinic, wanting to reach not only those in Chicago looking for help, but also specifically the Latinx community. 

She is a great client to work with, knowing exactly who she wants her company to be perceived as, and she is extremely all in when it comes to her work. She loves helping people and making sure they know they are not alone, and there is always a way to become the person they want to be.


Latinx old website


The Challenge

When Ernestina came to us she needed online marketing because everything had moved to teletherapy amid COVID. She knew she needed an optimized website, but she also really needed leads coming in through her marketing strategy that converted to actual patients. On top of that she wanted a blog strategy and to increase her online reviews. 

Ultimately, she wanted to be in a place where she could hire more staff and therapists to work with her, and continue to grow her practice.

The Strategy

A New Website

She was very set on the feeling she wanted her site to give. She wanted it to be welcoming, calming, helpful and to let potential patients know that they were not alone, and there was someone who could help them. She really wanted to address the latinx community, but also anyone dealing with mental health issues. She worked with her on choosing her colors, and style, and then on structuring the site properly. She was a great client to work with and provided so much helpful information.


In addition to the new site, we were also writing new content for her SEO strategy. Again, she was so very helpful in providing us with tons of information that helped us throughout the process and made the project so fun. She wanted to target people who were struggling with certain mental health issues, and the latinx community. Her SEO strategy has been a great success.


She has also been able to increase her review count and has a great star rating. This has helped her continue to bring new patients in and grow her practice.

Latinx Talk Therapy People