Meet the Client

Quiñonez Law Firm

The Impact on their Business

The Quiñonez Law Firm has been a client for over five years and their PPC strategy that was implemented brings in hundreds of potential cases each year, and their Google Maps brings in over 7000 phone calls each year. Their website is current, redesigned and has helped to more than double their lead generation.

Organic Website Traffic Increased by 71%

Phone Calls & Contact Forms Through the Website Increased by 432%

Averaging Over 600 Calls Per Month Off Google My Business

PPC: 23.09% Conversion Rate // 795 Contacts in 2021


Quiñonez Law Firm Old Website


Quiñonez Law Firm New Website
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Carlos Quiñonez has been a lawyer in El Paso for over 10 years – he mainly focuses in Family Law, but also practices Personal Injury.

Growing up in the city, he is extremely familiar with the people of El Paso, and being a border town, there is a lot of great mixing of two countries. He cares deeply about the city, and the people who come to him to help them with their legal matters.

The Challenge

The Quiñonez Law Firm was looking to increase the volume and quality of the cases they were receiving. They did not have an up to date website that was helping them bring in more cases from the internet, and they didn't have a complete strategy in place to accomplish their goals.

The Strategy

A local SEO strategy along with a review strategy was extremely important, and implemented. In addition to this, a PPC campaign and a social media campaign were set up to increase the lead generation, and have a more immediate impact on people searching.