Meet the Client

Smith & Ramirez Roofing

The Impact on their Business

Smith & Ramirez have increased appointments throughout their entire strategy organically and on paid campaigns. Also within a month of their new site, their website conversions specifically started to increase.

163% increase in conversions with a new website

212% increase in organic traffic

131% increase in Google Maps phone calls


Smith & Ramirez Old Website


Smith and Ramirez New Website
Smith & Ramirez Roofing Logo

Smith & Ramirez is a Roofing Company located in El Paso Texas who also serves the Las Cruces area in NM. They offer commercial and residential roofing services and are very focused on always providing a service that their customers are happy with, as well as using high quality materials while doing it.

They are not okay with anything but the best, and their warranties they offer support that.

The Challenge

Smith & Ramirez came on with the goal of wanting to implement an entire digital strategy to make them one of the leaders in the roofing industry in El Paso and the surrounding area. They had an outdated website that was not bringing in many appointments no matter what their marketing strategy previously looked like. Ultimately, they wanted more people to find them and visit their website, and then of those who visited their site, to contact them, and book an appointment.

The Strategy

SEO First

At first they did not sign on with a new website, so we got to work on implementing an SEO strategy. We cleaned up their entire presence, updated what we could on the site that they had, and added new content, making sure it properly portrayed everything that they do and offer. We also started generating more online reviews for their Google Maps listing.

Google Ads

In addition to the organic side of their campaign, they began running a PPC campaign to get that page one placement without having to wait on SEO to kick in. They focused on their main roofing services, and targeted El Paso and the surrounding area. Over the last year they have received 125 additional phone calls just through this platform.

The New Website

About a year into the contract they began to see how their current website was affecting how many visitors actually chose to contact them. The old site was not optimized for conversion and looked messy to the end user. They decided a new site was the way to go. We already had the content created, so we went right into design. They wanted a clean, light, modern design, that provided the right info, as well as it being easy for potential customers to contact them, whether that be via phone call or form submission. 

We built a new responsive site that had more opportunity for conversions. We called out the benefits of choosing them, showing off their warranty and making it easy for people to contact them.

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