Meet the Client

Trinity Point

The Impact on their Business

189% Increase in Facebook Engagement

147% Increase in Reach on Social Media

1-2 High Value Clients Per Month with PPC

Trinity Point Logo

Trinity Point is a wealth management firm located in Milford, CT. Their target audience is business owners and executives who may be looking for wealth management, retirement planning, or institutional consulting for themself and/or their employees.

The Challenge

When Trinity Point came on board with us, they had been using a 3rd party for their SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media, and they were overall unhappy with them. 

Trinity Point was looking to work with someone who wasn’t cookie-cutter. They wanted a partner who actually took the time to understand their business and industry. They wanted an ads strategy and a social media presence.

Another big focus was creativity. They wanted everything about their business on social media to be eye-catching and creative. Ultimately they wanted a partner they could trust to do the work on their behalf, and bring in 1-2 high end clients per month.

Financial Statements

The Strategy

Trinity Point decided to go with an organic social media strategy and pay per click ads.

Social Media

Their social  strategy is based around being informative because it positions them as experts in their field. It’s important for Trinity Point to focus on providing tips, advice, and industry news and updates to keep the audience informed and educated. 

They always want to be posting and sharing current and relevant financial articles, as well as financial events/holidays. They don’t want to come off having too much “salesy” content. This positions them as experts knowledgeable about their industry rather than making their audience feel like they’re constantly seeing service ads. 


They implemented a PPC campaign with the goal of signing 1-2 high end clients in need of financial services and wealth management services per month.

The campaign was built to call that out and hit the right audience and has been hitting goals since month 1.