How do you evaluate a web designer? | AGI Marketing Solutions | El Paso, Tx

Chances are, you’ll stumble on a designer’s site, check out the portfolio, and decide whether you like the work visually. While this is often a good start, there are other things you should consider, so ask yourself:


“Does the designer have experience working with websites with similar functionality to mine?”


“Does the designer often create a clean and intuitive navigation?”


“Are the websites in the designer’s portfolio still using the design?”


“Does the designer need to do branding work? If so, are they experienced with branding?”


“Does the designer need to work on your conversion rates? If so, are they qualified?”


“Does the designer offer testimonials/referrals that are easy to get in touch with?”


Remember, when asking these questions, think about what you want your website to accomplish—because an effective website is more than just a pretty picture.



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