How Online Marketing Changed The World Forever

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Marketing has played an important role in our lives for decades and decades. Simply defined, marketing is the promotion and selling of products and services. Advertising and market research make up the field of marketing. From the earliest incarnations of marketing to today, the field has gone through changes that impact the world at large. Radio and television commercials overtook billboards back when those gadgets were first introduced. And now we have online marketing which, in and of itself, encapsulates an entire microcosm that constantly changes. You might say online marketing isn’t your grand daddy’s marketing. Now, we must take things such as Google Adwords, Pay-Per-Click, Map Listings, content, and algorithms into consideration. If this sounds like gibberish to you, don’t worry! AGI Marketing Services can help.

The Dynamic Landscape of Marketing

Before the internet, marketing was tethered to the confines of airwaves, billboards, and newspapers. Although this style of marketing still exists today, online marketing has taken the reigns. The goal of marketing is to market products to potential clients. Television advertisements, for example, vary from channel to channel. Cartoon Network has more commercials for toys or fast food restaurant kid’s meals while the Golf Channel might have ads for luxury vehicles or yachts. This is because of the demographic that tends to watch these channels. Of course, there are children who may be big fans of golf or adults who enjoy watching cartoons such as Regular Show or Adventure Time but they are often seen as “outliers” when picturing the entire demographic. With online marketing, however, brands are able to advertise to specific clients. It’s a much more personal, individualistic method of marketing products or services.

Taking Advantage of the World Wide Web

The goal of marketing is to sell a product to the perfect client or customer. Billboards are often the most general types of advertising because people tend to only see the billboard for a few moments before driving past it. This is why there are so many billboards that focus on food or cars. The more specific and personal marketing gets, the higher chance there is for the product or service to be purchased. With online marketing and all the facets therein, companies are able to market to a specific customer. Most of this is thanks to search engines such as Google.

Google Made Online Marketing What it is Today

Google has a variety of different algorithms that help sites rank higher in searches. The Google of today is incredibly different from the Google of 2002. Results are more specific and relevant to the searcher’s physical location. Not only does this make it easier for customers to find exactly what they need, but it also gives companies a chance to stand out from the rest.

In order to take complete control of your online presence, it’s necessary to team up with an online marketing firm that knows the precise ins and outs of the trade. This is where AGI Marketing Services comes into play. As a Google Partner, we’re able to help local and national clients turn online visits into real, tangible results. Give us a call today if you’d like to learn more about what we have to offer.

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