How Search Engine Optimization is like Poetry | National Poetry Month

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poetry bookApril is National Poetry Month, something we know writers, artists, and educators alike are gathering together to celebrate, but want to know a little known fact? Marketers celebrate National Poetry Month too! After all, aren’t tweets just small, poetry tidbits? Well, the well-written tweets at least.

At AGI Marketing, we specialize in digital marketing, helping companies outperform their competitors via search engine optimization. Want to know another little known fact? Search engine optimization is A LOT like poetry. Yes, you read that right. Want to know how? Well, continue reading to find out!

SEO & Poetry Are Designed for Eyes

Poetry is just as much visual as it is mental and emotional. Many poets choose to play around with white space, line breaks, and structure to move their readers forward, give them a sense of rhythm, and to allow their eyes to assess the shape of the work at hand.

SEO, in a way, works the same way. In order to succeed at search engine optimization, there’s a lot that goes into it: content that must be read and visualized, websites that should look great whether the consumer is viewing them on a computer, phone, or tablet. The content, design, and white space of the website all help with the way people visualize the site and what it has to offer.

This, in a way, is how SEO and poetry are similar to one another.

SEO & Poetry Take You Where You Need to Go

In addition, both poetry and SEO, take readers and consumers where they need to go. Poetry is beautiful and provides emotional reassurance to its readers while SEO takes consumers to the products and services that they need. And in this way as well, they’re similar.

Putting the Words together

The content of both poetry and search engine optimization is what matters. The words in poems are what connect with readers, letting them feel heard and understood while questioning our universal truths in order to form a better understanding of our world. On the other hand, the words in content marketing is what connects with readers, educates consumers, and helps people make better-informed decisions about the purchasing they make. In both poetry and the content marketing aspect of SEO, it’s all about putting the words together.

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