Why Your Website Should Be Responsive

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A responsive website is key to a successful business. A responsive website or design essentially means that a website will adjust itself to fit within the screen it is being viewed on. It keeps all the design elements intact, such as photos, content sections, & menus. Essentially, it just makes a website easy and convenient to view, no matter what device you are using. 

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Why Can’t My Website be Designed for Desktop Screens Only?

Most older websites only fit a desktop screen, meaning that if you were to view the same website on a tablet or mobile device, it would likely look all out of place, and it would affect your user experience, making it a lot more difficult to navigate. This is why it’s important to make your website responsive, whether you’re planning to build a new one or update an existing website. Responsive design will prevent users from getting frustrated with your website and potentially exiting if they find it too time-consuming and inconvenient to access. If your website is optimized for all devices, then you’re providing your visitors with a more user-friendly experience, and they’ll likely browse your website as opposed to exiting quickly. 

How Does This Affect SEO?

Google and many other search engines will consider mobile-friendliness a ranking factor for their algorithms. So, it is basically a requirement if you want your website to succeed online. Without website design responsiveness, you’ll be stuck with an outdated, clanky website that will most likely not rank very high for SEO. Most websites are at least mobile friendly, meaning that they might not be fully responsive (screen size in between desktop & mobile like tablets & laptops), but they will load a mobile-optimized version on mobile devices. The downside is that you never know where somebody might be accessing your website from. So, it’s important to prioritize making your website with a fully responsive design to succeed. 

Other Responsive Design Benefits

  • User experience: Your users can access your website from any device without unnecessary panning, scrolling, & zooming. They will also likely stay on your website longer than an outdated, unresponsive website. 


  • Flexibility when making updates: You don’t have to make edits for every device if your website is built correctly. Anything you update should appear for every device. Essentially making it easier to manage. 

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