A Look Into How Marketing Has Evolved in the Past Ten Years

Two business professionals discuss ideas and brainstorm new ways in which they can market their business, gain more revenue, and attract more customers.

We’ve finally reached the year 2020 and as we’ve made new beginnings for the new decade, there have definitely been new innovations and changes within the field of marketing. Many business owners and personnel have had to go through a digital transformation to be able to successfully keep up with the best business marketing. We highlight some of the major changes within the realm of marketing and online methodologies that have taken effect in the last ten years. 

Online Presence Has Become a Necessity 

Within the past decade, everyone has adapted to utilizing the online world to conduct research and to track down products and services that customers are interested in. For any business within any industry, it is no longer a plus to have a digital presence—it is a need. Being present online is the first step to letting customers know about what a business does and it also plays a key role in building brand awareness and engagement within the community of customers to gain trust. 

Companies Need Brand Consistency 

Customers used to look at maybe one or two websites to compare when deciding who to choose to make a purchase. It wasn’t often that a customer would go to ten to twenty different websites and surf through reviews, social activity, and how a business goes about dealing with customer service. For a business to succeed in the modern marketing world, a company team needs to be brand consistent. 

The Need to Be Dominant in the Digital Realm Preoccupies Businesses

According to some interesting statistics from a study run by Adobe, researchers found that less than half of business professionals considered themselves to be highly proficient in digital marketing. The study also showed that only 9% of these business owners agreed that their digital marketing is actually showing results. Businesses are worried about embracing digital marketing, therefore many more have decided to change with the time and make the conversion. Digital marketing was barely an after-thought ten years ago, but now it is a primary focus, especially since we lived in a world where competition is at an all-time high. 

The Costs of Marketing Has Increased Dramatically 

Over the last ten years, there have been major advancements in technology and because of this, a larger budget is being put in place by businesses so that they can stay ahead of their competitors. This also calls for hiring more knowledgeable people to take control of and manage a digital aspect of the business as well as having freelancers help with content creation and paid advertisement. The ways in which we can engage with consumers has increased and there are endless opportunities. 

Social Media: The Grand Game-Changer 

Businesses are becoming quick to realize, especially over the last five years, how critical and important social media is when it comes to generating revenue and brand awareness. As more potential customers are turning to social media as a way to engage and purchase online, businesses have had to act upon this. Businesses are beginning to use social media as a method of bringing the engagement directly to their prospective customers. If businesses want to catch the attention of customers, they have to be prevalent where their audience is—that definitely includes social media. 

Credibility: An Important Aspect, Now More than Ever 

Credibility is the sole factor that can make or break a business. It is important to know how you can stay memorable and authentic in the best way possible. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to overuse some headline-grabbing strategy and then you suddenly have credibility. The process doesn’t necessarily work that way. Customers like to see how businesses go about treating their clientele and how they assist them to the best of their ability. Building long-term relationships with your audience and with a brand that is credible and respectable can expect to top competing companies. 

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