Google, April Fool’s Day, and SEO

SeoApril Fools Day has come and gone, but we are still laughing about some of the hilarious pranks that were pulled at the AGI office. It seems like everyone went all out this year, and it was fun to see what everyone came up with!

Despite the world’s best efforts, however, no one can beat Google at their April Fools game. As a marketing company that specializes in SEO, we here at AGI Marketing have to tip our hat to Google’s brilliant pranks. Here are a few of our favorite Google April Fools Day pranks from 2017.

Google Gnome

Yes, you read that right. Google Gnome is a digital assistant that was created specifically for the great outdoors. You can keep Google Gnome in your garden to answer your deep questions about the world as you as you lounge in your garden, or you can ask him landscaping questions as you engage in weekend yard work. We didn’t think gnomes were that cool, but we may be investing in this clever garden decoration!

Play Ms. Pac-Man on Google Maps

If you are lost on April Fool’s Day, Google Maps can help. Sure, you can get directions if you want. But you can also ignore the fact that you’re lost and just waste some time playing Ms. Pac-Man! In 2015, Google released the arcade classic game on their map feature just in time for April Fools day. This year, Google is keeping the feature open until April 4th. You can play Ms. Pac-Man on Google Maps from a desktop or the Android mobile app!

Take Advice from Google Assistant

We knew Siri was smart, but this is getting creepy. If you ask your Google Assistant a question about April Fools Day, she will likely give you advice about being skeptical of unusual occurrences or not trusting your friends and family. That makes Google Assistant a really handy sidekick to have on April 1st. A lot of us forget about the pranks that are lurking around us, but Siri keeps us on track.

Use Google Cloud on Mars

This one might be our favorite. This year, Google claimed that it is launching a data center named “Ziggy Stardust” on Mars. This extraterrestrial cloud region will back up all of our important data in case the world ends in some kind of catastrophic end. While we are chuckling over this prank, it may not be that far-fetched to imagine some kind of similar technological advancements in the near future. With the Mars One Mission coming up, who knows what we will be able to do next!

Getting Serious About SEO

As you might imagine, people spent hours on the internet on April 1st browsing over Google’s various pranks. And – as internet browsing normally does – this led to countless Google searches and eventual purchases. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key technology for getting your business’ website to the top of search engine rankings in your local area, and it is the fastest way to turn online browsers into online customers. This is not a prank – SEO works. Contact AGI Marketing to find out more about how SEO can augment your company’s brand and business.

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