6 Benefits of Working with a Google Partner Company

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Being a Google Partner completely revolves around being an expert when it comes to managing Google Pay Per Click Campaigns.

When looking for new ways to generate leads and sales for your business, many owners turn to Pay Per Click, or PPC, campaigns. When you decide to put a budget behind a PPC campaign, you want to make sure your campaign is properly set up and optimized, and that you are not throwing away your money to clicks that aren’t even related to your business.


What Does Being a Google Partner Mean?



PPC campaigns are the ads that show up at the very top of search results when a user searches for a business, service, product, or general query. To show up within these results, you set a daily budget and bid on keywords that you want to rank for. The idea behind running ads here is to place yourself front and center when people are searching for your products or services, hopefully leading to a sale.

Companies that become experts at running these ads can complete certifications and exams to hold the coveted “Google Partner” status. These companies must also meet a certain amount of spend each quarter, all while maintaining accounts that perform well and continue to grow.

Pretty much, Google Partners have to prove their dedication to becoming and staying experts at Google’s ad platforms. Here is why working with a Google Partner can be a great opportunity for your business.


1. A Dedicated Google Rep Means Fast Service

Google Partners are assigned a rep straight from Google to help with your campaigns. If your campaign is not performing as well as you had hoped, or if you hit a little bump on the road with something like ads getting approved, and are having problems troubleshooting, a Google Partner Company can contact Google directly.

Google Partners have a direct point of contact that is available to them at any time to help make sure the campaigns that are running are performing. Their contact is available via phone, chat, or email support. This can be a huge time saver. It also helps to get another perspective when building out and optimizing campaigns.


2. Their Expertise is Unmatched

You know a Google partner has the experience of running campaigns, because of the qualifications it takes to become one. These qualifications include the following:

Quarterly Spend

Each quarter, a Google Partner company must be spending a minimum of $20,000 within their campaigns. A company that does not reach this threshold is not qualified for the status of Google Partner.


On top of hitting a certain spend, a company that runs Google Ads needs 50% of their Google Ads managers to be certified. This means that they must take a course, pass an exam, and keep that exam up to date. (Once you pass, you are qualified for one year.) There are also four different exams and certifications: Search, Display, Video, and Shopping. Partners need to have members of their team certified in each.


And last, but not least, Google Partners need to perform positively. On top of spend and passing exams for certifications, the accounts they manage need to actually be performing. Google needs to see that Partners are constantly taking their recommendations and applying them, as well as continuing to open more business accounts under the manager account. By doing this, the accounts the Partner is managing perform better and Google will be able to see the growth strides they are making.


PPC Campaign Performance


With their expertise, they also exercise using Google’s best practices when it comes to setting up, building out, and the ongoing management of the accounts.


3. Google Partners Keep Up With Industry Updates & Trends

Google Partner agencies have to be on top of their game, all the time. Not only do Google Ads change regularly, but the entire digital strategy—whether that be SEO, PPC, social media marketing, online reviews, or even how your website needs to be presented—changes almost daily.

Google Partners are agencies that care. They are the ones who not only put in the work to keep up with all of the updates and trends, but are excited about it, and want to be the company that is ahead of the rest.

All this experience, care, and enthusiasm are translated into the campaigns Google Partners run. They are constantly updating, researching, learning, and implementing new strategies and ideas to benefit the accounts of their clients.


4. They Provide a Great Service

We already touched on how Google Partner agencies care so let’s expand on what that means. When it comes to your campaigns, consistent research, development, and expertise are all necessary. But there is also the overall service. Before they even sell you on the services that they offer, Google Partners should make sure everything falls in place. Do you have the necessary budget? Is there enough volume within your location to see results? Will you actually be able to perform? Your Google Partner should have answers to these questions.

The service starts before signing you on as a client. Your agency learns about you and everything you offer, your services, and your goals. From there, they should educate you on how the process works. You want to know what, if anything, you will need to do on your end and what parts of the campaign they will be handling.

If you decide that a PPC campaign is right for you, and you sign up to have the Partner Agency manage your campaign, they should let you know how often you will meet to evaluate and strategize on what comes next, put a plan together on when you will receive reporting, and overall just what to expect on your end.


5. Product Trainings From Google

Partners usually stay on top of their product training, as well. We’re not just talking about the exams they need to pass in order to keep their certifications. Partners are regularly reminded of classes that Google provides to make sure they are taking advantage of all of the features of Google Ads available that will help your campaigns.


Google Ads Courses


6. Partners Have Access to Beta Features

Whenever Google works on updates, Partners get exclusive access to using the updated platform and all of its additional features. This not only helps Google by making sure their new ideas are user-friendly, but it also helps the Partner assist you by giving you a better overall tool. This way, you’ll be able to easily one-up your competition.


AGI is a Google Partner Agency 


AGI Marketing Google Partner


AGI is a full-service digital marketing agency with clients around the USA and Canada. If you are looking for a company you can trust to manage your campaigns as smoothly as possible, then look no further.

We have managed hundreds of PPC campaigns across many different industries, and we have worked with businesses of all sizes, from small budgets of about $500-$1000 per month to bigger clients where we manage campaigns spending thousands.

Ready to connect with a Google Partner Agency and see what we can do for you?

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