Brand Awareness, Synergy, and the Beauty of SEO

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What’s behind a brand? A product, sure, but what’s the idealized vision of a brand? And how do companies the world over express this vision to clients? All these rhetorical questions find their answer in brand awareness. By creating a proper strategy that makes clients aware of what exactly a brand stands for, the brand will take on a life of its own. This can range from electronics brands all the way to band logos; all it takes to transform a design into a Brand (with an uppercase b) is years and years of hard work. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? If companies want their brands to succeed, it’s necessary to foster a natural and resilient synergy between brand and product. In this day and age, companies can make use of the Internet in order to take their brand further, faster than ever before.

Search Engine Optimization: The Vessel That Takes Your Brand to the Top

In decades past, brands reached recognition by advertising on billboards, newspapers, magazines, radio programs, flyers, and even through secret decoder ring messages. In fact, that last example is a great representation of brand synergy.

How Brand Awareness Can Backfire

Recall the famous scene from the holiday classic A Christmas Story, wherein Ralphie waits patiently for his Little Orphan Annie decoder ring. Once it arrives, he waits with bated breath by the radio in order to write down the secret message which the quickly decodes only to find out it was a “crummy commercial” for Ovaltine. Although this illustrates the synergy between brands and products across different forms of media, this example also elicits the negative aspects of brand awareness. Sure, Ralphie is now thinking about Ovaltine but he waited weeks to receive his secret decoder ring in the mail only to be severely disappointed by the message being a commercial to buy more Ovaltine. Now, Ralphie will view Ovaltine with negativity and perhaps won’t ever purchase anything with that brand ever again.

Changing With The Times

The above example may be a dramaticized view of brand awareness and synergy but it shows how severely underestimating the audience can backfire. Today, families don’t gather around the radio to listen to stories about the Lone Ranger. Instead, people watch videos on their smartphones or look up reviews for products before ordering anything. Thanks to the Internet, people have become incredibly discerning. If a product has a four-star rating and another higher priced product has five stars, the customers will more-than-likely choose the higher priced one.

We Are A Culture of Instant Gratification

But what does this have to do with your brand? Simply put, everything! Although customers are more discerning than ever before, they’ve also become acclimated to near-instant gratification. Just think of Amazon Prime and one-click checkouts. What used to take a couple of minutes can now be almost instant and the product will arrive at your doorstep in two days! Let’s place this same rationale of instant gratification to Google, the world’s most popular search engine.

The Importance of First-Page Results

If a client were to look up “best HVAC service near me,” they will always click on the top result. Now, if you perform this Google search, you’ll probably see a few results at the very top of the page that either say “Sponsored” or “Ad.” These results are paid by the company in order to come up at the top of search results. Companies pay per click which means once enough people click on the sponsored result, it will disappear. Now, if you scroll down and see the “organic” results, a few local companies may come up. This is prime real estate. A high percentage of searchers won’t go past the first page of results. If your company appears on this page, you’re in luck. Although it may seem simple, a plethora of things must go on behind the scenes in order for your site to rank among the top results.

Breaking Down Search Engine Optimization

When a potential client looks up your brand (or a service you provide) online, all they see is a few sentences that describe what you have to offer. We see what goes on in the background, however. In order to reach the top results in Google, your company’s website must be optimized for search engines. You see, Google is an incredibly advanced website company. They continuously implement new algorithms to help websites rank where they should.

What Goes into a Google Search

The Google algorithm prefers certain things over others. This is where search engine optimization comes into play. For starters, Google loves long pieces of new, in-depth content that can be beneficial for potential clients. These pieces must be written in a certain manner in order for Google’s algorithm to know the content’s quality. This is why long blog articles are such a great option for companies. If you’ve noticed, the highest ranked results often boast well written, well-researched content pages. The worst pages tend to display only short pieces of content or no content at all. The longer the content, the higher the search results will be!

Speak With the SEO Experts, Today!

This is just one facet of what goes into SEO, however. In order to harness the power of your website and appease Google’s algorithm, it’s in your best interest to team up with an experienced SEO and online marketing firm. AGI Marketing has been serving the El Paso area and the nation at large for many, many years. As a Google Partner, we understand what goes into the SEO game. With our assistance, your brand will rank among the first page of search results in only a matter of weeks. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do to help!

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