Building an Authentic Social Media Presence: The Key to a Successful Personal Branding.

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Having a social media presence is crucial to any business in this digital age. However, only having a presence is not enough. Companies must be authentic by creating personal branding that makes them stand out and connect with their audience. 

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Why People Follow Your Brand

People no longer follow brands just because they want to follow them. They follow brands to gain something; they want the “what’s in it for me.” your strategy should focus on building a community in the long run and include jab and hook posts. Jab posts are educational, informational, or fun posts, and Hook posts are sales-y content, which makes your audience buy from you. 

Writing Helpful Content

When writing content, think about providing value and being helpful to your audience because it should not be about you but all about them. The content should be conversational, have a voice, and show a personality behind the posts, not just a company speaking. 

Social Media Content Tips

So, how do you create authentic social media content? Follow these tips:

Focus on Being Yourself: 

Authenticity is crucial on social media. Avoid representing your company other than what it really is. People want to know what they will be walking into when coming to your business or interacting with your staff. Show them the culture of your company by being yourself. Don’t be afraid to show behind-the-scenes, candid staff moments and what makes your business unique. 

  • Share Your Story: 

There’s nothing more authentic than sharing your story on social media. People love and connect with stories, whether it’s how you started, your triumph, or your struggles. As a business owner, sharing your road to success and how your business became what it is today is okay. Connect with your audience by telling them about your company’s story!

  • Socialize, Socialize! 

Many companies see social media only as a way to sell their products, which is the wrong way to build authenticity. Social is more for socializing with your audience and gaining their trust. How do you accomplish that? By engaging with your audience. Respond to comments and private messages, start conversations, ask for feedback, and engage with the posts you tagged on. Show that there is a person behind your platforms ready to answer questions and help your audience.

  • Provide Value 

Authentic social media content provides value to your audience. Post helpful tips, industry updates, insights, and resources to help your audience. Be helpful on social, and see how people naturally become clients. By doing this, not only are you placing yourself as an industry expert,  but you’re also providing them proof to trust you! 

  • Consistency Is Key 

When it comes to building a strong social media presence, consistency is key. Ensure you’re posting consistently, engaging with your audience regularly, and maintaining the same voice across all platforms. Choose the days and times you want to post weekly and ensure you’re showing up consistently. Don’t overthink your content. Just make sure you’re yourself every time. 

One way to ensure consistency is by creating a plan to follow. Make sure you take the time to analyze what your audience wants to see from you and the best times to post. Once that’s established, make sure your content has the followings:

  • Informational Content (industry or company news that people care about)
  • Educational Content (tips & tricks, how the products/services can solve their problems)
  • Motivational Content (Motivation Monday, Selfcare Friday, Affirmation posts, etc.)
  • Hook posts (i.e., buy this, request a consultation, call us, etc.)

Following these tips will help you create a consistent and authentic social media presence. Remember to do your research about what makes your company unique, what your audience would like to see more of from you, and, most importantly, remember to be yourself across all platforms. 

At AGI, we understand that social media marketing is an essential part of growing your business. Contact us online or call (888) 269-5449 and see how we can help today.

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