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In our current market, if you are not utilizing online marketing, you are not tapping into a wide base of clients. You are literally missing out on a wide corner of the market. What is even more, many of the strategies you can employ in online marketing can increase your reputation and help you to get great traction in your market.

Website Building and Management

If you do not have a website, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to show prospective clients who you are and what you can do. Secondly, not having a website means you are getting zero leads from the hundreds of people that are searching Google for the services you provide. While building a website may take a lot of upfront work, it gives prospective customers a way of finding you. In outdated forms of advertising you placed info about your market in front of your client and hoped they jumped. This included television and radio ads, flyers and phone book ads. However, placing your well-designed, well-written website online is the equivalent to having a virtual storefront. Your clients can come in and see what you have to offer.

It is one thing to setup a website. But to maintain optimal traffic, upkeep is necessary. This can include adding pages about your services to your website. A blog about topics that are important in your industry is actually vital. Constantly staying abreast of keywords that customers are using to search for your services is important too. If you do not maintain your website, your first page spot on Google will simply drop.

Reputation Management

Another facet to online marketing is reputation management. This is simply your reviews and what previous customer think of you. The truth is, 86 percent of customers will read reviews before making purchasing decisions. 90 percent of customers will not purchase from a company with bad reviews. Maintaining your reputation is not just a thing in high school. If you are a successful business owner, building strategies to gain five star reviews is important.

Social Media Marketing

Again, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets are not just for teens anymore. Placing your business and creating regular posts is an important part of online marketing. This is a place where customers can experience the organic information about you and your services. Post can include work you have done for happy customers, articles about important topics in your industry and of course paid ads as well to gain new audience members. Building up a presence on social media will create a group of followers that will tell their friends about you.

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