Good vs. Sloppy Web Design in El Paso, Tx

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What difference does it make if you have good web designs or sloppy web designs? That is like asking what difference does it make if you comb your hair or just let it hang loose and do whatever it feels like. You would have a head full of hair that everyone saw, but no one understood, liked, or cared to see again. People would talk about your hair, but not in a positive light. People would not seek you out to see your incredible hair, because their friends would have already advised them that this would not be in their best interest. Good web design vs. sloppy web design means the difference between success for your business or failure in the first year.

Good web design vs sloppy web design: what makes it good?

  • Good web design is attractive to the average viewer.

  • The colors of backgrounds are carefully chosen so that people can easily see what is written on the pages

  • There is usually a site map in websites that are designed well so that people have no trouble finding the aspects of the website they want to see

  • Good designs create webpages that are easy to access, and easy to navigate to and from

  • Good designs have internal links that take a person to the other parts of the website that might have relevant information that they would be interested in viewing

Are there real benefits to good web design vs sloppy web design that everyone will see?

The main benefits from having web designs that are good are:

  • Good designs of the web pages increase search engine optimization

  • People share good websites that they find

  • Customers will stay on the pages of the website longer, and are apt to return more frequently

  • Customers spend more money while they are on the web pages

  • You get more referrals from customers

  • Other websites will be more inclined to want to link to your pages if you have good pages, good content, and a good ranking with the search engines. How will this benefit you? The more links you have to relevant sites the higher your search engine rankings are.
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