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Improving Website Design with a Key Brain Region

Recently, I have been personally studying the Reticular Activating System (RAS), a key part of the brain, which controls the focus of a persons attention. This function in the brain is not only good for understanding how to achieve your personal goals but is also important when developing your business website for potential customers. website development

This filter in the brain controls what the mind pays attention to and stores into the long-term memory. Website development experts such as AGI Marketing Solutions are incorporating this information into their websites in order to gain and hold the attention of online website viewers.

Keep in mind that online website traffic goes mile a minute with customers making split second decisions on whether or not to linger on a website due to aspects such as, user friendliness, color contrast and content. The RAS is used in the minds of potential customers by quickly sorting out what is important and relevant to their search and what is not important and can be ignored. Without this filter there would be an overabundance of information coming from all directions without any organization for focus to take place.

Website development experts can help guide the focus of their customers by creating websites that are not overcrowded with graphics, content or interactive options. Color also plays an important role in creating a website that will compliment the page and engage the customer through visual senses as opposed to having harsh colors that are a quick turn off for any website visitor. The RAS picks up on information related to what a person needs physically, self-made choices, names that are familiar or trigger familiarity, emotion, and novelty. Websites that engage the customer with these elements in mind have a higher chance of holding the attention and focus of their audience.

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