Meet Some of Our Amazing Women Employees | Women’s History Month

women employees working in marketing

women employees working in marketingDid you know that the majority of our employees at AGI Marketing are women? We want to celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day by introducing you to some of our hardworking women employees, who come in every day with bright ideas and are always ready to help our many clients with their digital marketing efforts.

Erika Menes—Social Media Manager

Erika is our hardworking social media manager. She is able to assist you with both paid and organic social media posting, helping you to grow your reach and develop your brand on social media. Her background is in media science, advertising, and web development, and she puts these skills toward helping our clients.

She loves working in digital marketing because it’s the marketing of today—and the future!—and it allows businesses like yours to target people of all backgrounds in a very specific manner. If you wanted to target older, southern women for one product but younger men who live in the north for another, digital marketing allows you to do so. With Erika’s help, your business will be able to utilize social media strategies to do just that!

Priscilla Correa—Digital Marketing Specialist

Priscilla is the latest digital marketing extraordinaire to join our team. She is a jack of all trades, getting her feet wet in different aspects of digital marketing. She loves working in digital marketing because she is passionate about helping businesses of all kinds and backgrounds find creative ways to promote themselves.

She comes from a background of working in public relations, sports marketing, traditional marketing, and more, though she has enjoyed digital marketing the most because of the power it has to help businesses be successful, something she is undoubtedly passionate about.

Jacqueline Gutierrez—Senior Content Editor

Jacqueline is our fearless content editor. She helps to ensure pesky typos stay out of your blogs, website content, and social media posts while also assisting with writing and other tasks. Jacqueline’s background is in journalism and merchandising, which allow her to look at your content and branding goals in a creative yet strategic way.

After taking a digital media course in college, for which she had to do a project on social media behavior, analyzing how customers reacted to Instagram pages for brands like Forever 21 and H&M, she became fascinated by how social media and content can be used to help businesses achieve their brand goals. Ever since, she has put her skills toward helping clients use social media and content to their advantage in this way.

Monica Pappatheodorou—Graphic Designer

Monica is our creative graphic designer. Her beautiful designs allow companies to have stellar sites that’ll not only keep the potential customers who stumble across their sites but also attract new ones. Her designs look great and are optimized to be displayed on monitors, laptops, tablets, and even phones. Her designs utilize shapes, color palettes, space, and balance to bring your sites to life and look great while doing so.

Monica has a degree in graphic design from UTEP and, more importantly, creativity has always been a huge part of her life, which is no wonder she ended up in one of the most creative aspects of digital marketing. Her design skills are sure to make your website look the best it can, no matter the device it is being viewed on.

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