Stand Out from the Crowd: The Significance of Responsive Web Design

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In just a few months, we’ll all be in the year 2020. As futuristic as that date may seem, most of us may feel a bit let down with the “future” we currently live in. If you look around, nothing much seems to have changed in recent years. Sure, there may be more electric vehicles in the streets but what about the flying cars we were promised? VR technology is becoming more and more realistic, yes, but it all feels like a fad. Perhaps when we look back, years from now, we’ll see this time as one of technological advancements but for now, almost everything just feels pretty normal, right? Everything except the Internet, that is.

Everyone Can Easily Access the Internet

If you used the Internet “back in the day” (in the early to mid 90s), then you know how different things are now than they were back then. The sound of dial-up might take you back to a simple time. Back then, we were all used to waiting ten minutes or more just for a web page to load. Today, we grow anxious if a page takes more than a few seconds to load. We used to wait for our turn on the computer and now everyone has an Internet-enabled smartphone in their pockets. It’s crazy to think that just a decade ago, we all had flip phones that could barely take pictures. Now, children and adults alike can access the Internet whenever they choose. 

Make Sure Your Mobile Site Makes a Great First Impression 

Times are certainly changing. Now that everyone’s technically online, whenever and wherever they choose, it’s necessary for small businesses to shift their focus in online advertising and marketing. 58% of all Google searches are now done on smartphones and mobile devices which means mobile optimization is as important as ever.  If you’re ready to take your business to the future, then choose AGI Marketing as your SEO experts. We will make sure your site looks beautiful on desktop and mobile so you’ll never lose a lead!

Mobile-Friendly Website: What’s The Big Idea?

Smartphones are as popular as they’ve ever been, and this popularity shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Too many websites, however, are not optimized for mobile screens and this can make the user-experience incredibly tedious. So much so, in fact, that potential clients might not give your site a second look. Just think about it. Almost all desktop screens have landscape orientation while almost all smartphones have portrait orientation by default (sure, you can turn your phone sideways in order to make the orientation landscape but this isn’t the default way most people use their phones). In order to make sure your website provides a seamless, comfortable experience for the user, it’s necessary to make sure the site itself is optimized for desktop and mobile screens. 

Even Google itself is ranking mobile sites first on search engine result pages. Google’s Mobile-first Index ranks and bases results on the mobile-version page. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, then Google will rank it lower than other results.

Responsive Design: The Future Is Here

Before, web developers had to build two entirely different sites for each client. One site would be for desktops and the other for mobile browsers. Now, however, we have “responsive design.” This allows the design, layout, and content to respond to each individual user. Thanks to responsive design, your site will look good on any browser, whether it be a classic desktop, a tablet, or a smartphone. 

A Beautiful Website is Just the Beginning

If you’d like for your site—and in turn, your brand—to stand out online, then you need to look beyond the website itself. Sure, a visually-appealing and responsive site will work wonders for your brand, but you also need to focus on online marketing in order to rank in first place. When someone searches for a particular service in Google, they tend to choose the first or second result. They don’t care if they recognize the brand name. Sites that rank at the top spot of SERPs (search engine result pages) appear more reliable to clients. In order to reach the coveted #1 spot, it’s necessary to devote time and attention to your online presence. This requires a full-time team that will always be there to work with your best interest in mind. If you’re ready to find online success, then contact AGI Marketing today!

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Now, picture this: an avid chatterbox with an outgoing personality – that’s me! AGI turned out to be the perfect match, where I blend my creativity with strategic expertise, crafting campaigns that contribute to the success of diverse industries. It’s not just about elevating one business; it’s about orchestrating success across various fields.

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After growing up in the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY (Garbage Plate region) and being an artsy athlete at school, I went to college for Graphic Design and to play lacrosse. After graduating from RIT I’ve moved everywhere – Oklahoma, Texas, Cali, Nevada, and back home to New York. I’ve always loved exploring new places, but the Finger Lakes is where I want to settle down – there is truly no place like it. 

Working in digital marketing gives you that new place mindset – it’s always changing, and I’ve loved this job because of that. I love celebrating the wins with employees and client success.

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I spent half of my childhood growing up in Nashville and the second half in Chicago. Right out of high school, I joined the Army where I learned a lot about growth. I got out of the Army in 1997 and started my own company that became AGI Marketing. We began as a graphics and vehicle wrap company, but as I saw the world start to shift to digital and the need to be online, we transformed into a digital agency. 

We have grown considerably since that shift. I am obsessed with growth – for my staff, family, the company, and myself, and we love being able to help businesses grow. Outside of the office, I have five children, three grandchildren, and a wonderful wife. I am very involved in my Christian church and enjoy traveling!

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