What Are Google Ads and How Do They Help?

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Man holding up a post it with the word Adwords, referring to Google adsPeople ask our marketing firm about Google Adwords on a daily basis. This can be a powerful tool to draw in more customers or clients. It is a strategic marketing tool that is meant to supplement your overall online marketing plan. There are a lot of misconceptions about the service, so we want to provide answers.

Here are answers to some of the most common FAQs:

What Exactly Are Google Ads?

Good Adwords has been around for quite some time now. It is an advertising system for companies to bid on specific keywords that they know their clients or customers will be typing into Google searches. They are run my cost per click (CPC) basis. This means that you pay only when person searching for your services or products clicks on your ad. Once you choose the keywords you want to bid on, Google puts those keywords that are most relevant into the auction with the max bid you’re indicated. The Google Ads auction is a specific process that can be hard for some to understand.

How Does the Google Ads Auction Work?

Some keywords are simply more competitive than others. Writing the wrong or weak keywords can cost a company a lot of money. The keywords need to be based on the best conversion possible. Your position on the Google search will be determined by your ad rank. This is the maximum bid you input multiplied by your quality score. The highest ad rank simply gets the very top position. The CPC for the Google ad is based on the ad rank of the next highest ad below the ad you created divided by your quality score. It really pays off to employ strategic, well thought out writing for your ads.

How Much Does The Average Ad Cost?

This can be rather hard to determine. Google experts estimate that the average is roughly around $2.32. However, it can vary widely depending on your industry, the competitiveness, your keywords and of course the quality of your ad. Each industry actually has different benchmarks.

Can I Outsource This Service?

Yes, and you should! Relying on a team of experts to write your Google Ads sets you up for success. There is no need to spend hours on end researching how to pick the best words or how to write the best ads. Our experts at AGI Marketing have the expertise and knowledge to get the job done right. Be sure to contact us today to find out where you stack up against your competitors.

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