What Is Web Marketing?


man on laptop with marketing concept superimposed on itMany people know all about social media and Google searches. However, too many business owners don’t realize the wealth of web marketing that is available at their fingertips through these sources. In today’s market people search for what they need online and often read reviews before choosing a service or product. If a business doesn’t have a web presence they are missing out on a large portion of potential sales.

What Exactly is Web Marketing?

Web marketing is a broad range of advertising through various sources on the Internet. This form of marketing is significantly more cost-effective and can reach a wider audience than previous forms of advertising. It is much less expensive than paid television, radio, and print advertising, but offers the same if not better results. However, it does take a specific skill-set and constantly shifting knowledge base to master.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing includes creating strategic web content to be found when potential customers or clients search for a service or product online. Getting found on the Google searches requires utilizing the right words and web development strategies to create a website that appears at the top of searches. This is one of the most cost effective and efficient forms of web marketing.

Social Media Marketing

With the number of people that use social media, it is actually unwise for businesses not to create social media profiles. This strategy gives businesses the opportunity to engage with their audience and actually increase their visibility. You can think of a Facebook or Instagram account as a free online storefront. Posting photos, asking questions, and providing information can all add to your credibility while boosting your web presence. With these profiles you give potential clients the ability to peer into your windows and see what you are all about.

Outsource Your Web Marketing Today

If you are interested in improving your web presence but don’t have the skill set to make it happen, give us a call at AGI Marketing. We can start by running an audit to find out where you stand compared to your competitors. We can also show you information about how companies in your industry are using these marketing strategies to thrive. Call us today for more information. One of our experts will be happy to answer your questions and set you up with a free consultation meeting.

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