Four Reasons WordPress Websites are Great for SEO

laptop on deskIf you think WordPress is just a simple blogging website, you may want to reconsider. Sure, there are tons of WordPress blogs that serve as travel journals or virtual teenage diaries, but WordPress is so much more than just a blogging tool. According to leading SEO experts, in fact, WordPress is arguably the best content management system out there. And WordPress combined with a good marketing strategist, like AGI Marketing, can help up your digital marketing game. 

Why WordPress Websites are Great for SEO

According to a recent technology survey, 23.8 percent of worldwide websites use WordPress as their content management system. And we aren’t just talking about low-traffic websites, either. NASA, Forbes, The New York Times, and even eBay are taking advantage of this top-notch marketing tool. But why are WordPress websites so great for SEO? We are glad you asked!

  1. They are Easy to Create: WordPress itself is easy (and free!) to install and WordPress websites are a breeze to create. Just sign up for a website host, click to download, and voila! Your company will have a new website.
  2. They are Customizable: You want your company’s website to reflect its brand, of course, so you will need a theme and plugins that pertain to your goals. There are thousands of free and paid themes available for users to choose from, and WordPress offers countless plugins to meet your SEO needs!
  3. They are Mobile Friendly: Did you know that Google has begun to use “mobile-friendliness” as a ranking metric in their algorithms? Now, websites that provide optimal viewing across multiple devices (think smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) will rank higher in the search engine. WordPress is one of the most mobile-friendly content management systems out there, and there are thousands of mobile friendly themes to choose from. Being on top of your SEO game has never been so easy!
  4. They are Fast: In our fast-paced world, site speed is a big deal. Google has also started to factor site speed into their algorithms! To help companies improve their SEO, WordPress has several tools and plugin options available to keep your site up to speed.

A Marketing Specialist + A WordPress Website = Success

While creating a WordPress website is a great first step for search engine optimization success, SEO is a complex topic that requires very specific expertise. Working with a marketing specialist who understand the contours of organic search and which plugins are necessary will help you make the right decisions for your company. WordPress puts control in the hands of the user, but that does not mean you have to figure it out alone. At AGI Marketing, we provide our clients with the knowledge and guidance they need to thrive in the complicated world of internet marketing. If you have more questions about SEO or WordPress, give our office a call today!

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