Top 10 Marketing Tips for Homebuilders

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Are you trying to reach more homebuyers this year? You’ll need a strong marketing strategy to reel new customers in. Unfortunately, about 65% of businesses struggle to generate traffic and leads. Another 80% of new leads never become sales. With these 10 effective marketing tips for homebuilders, you can boost your business and stand out […]

Google Ad Types Made Easy!

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When it comes to creating an effective, cohesive Google Ads promotion strategy for your local business, you need to get intimately acquainted with two words: customer intent. Understanding why customers are looking for your product or service will help you tailor your ads for optimal conversion. About 70 percent of consumers use their smartphones for […]

What Your Business Website Needs in 2021 & Why You Can’t Wait to Update

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Google doesn’t always provide advance warning about its updates, but that’s exactly what they’ve done in anticipation of 2021. The search engine giant has gifted web designers a six-month time frame to update their websites to preserve and better their page ranking status. Google’s 2021 updates will specifically impact user experience criteria related to factors like site […]

Digital Marketing Strategies for Medical Spas to Take Advantage Of

Medical Spa Uses Digital Marketing to Sell their Products and Services

  In a world where we spend, on average, more than six hours per day online, it’s important for businesses to take their digital marketing strategies quite seriously. People are constantly connected to their phones with a wealth of information right at their fingertips.  Source: @loosekeys Why not make your business part of that wealth […]

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business

Digital Marketing Agencies for Your Business Needs

  Over the past five years, the average amount of time spent online daily has only continued to increase. Mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops are always within an arm’s reach. People spend their days searching Google, on social media, and reading reviews. Everyone is online, for hours each day. If you are not using […]